Our cellars are some of the few still operating that are located in the historical center of the town of Alba in Italy’s Piedmont region. Built at the end of the 1700s, the ancient cellars are delimited and surrounded by the ancient Pompeii Roman walls, which date back to 50 B.C. and are its main foundations, seen in every corner of the cellar.


The cellars are situated on four different ground levels, one of which is even lower than the Tanaro River.

The naturally constant temperatures and appropriate humidity of our cellars have been crucial for the style and quality of our wines over the years.

Here, we receive the grapes from our different vineyards, and we ferment and age our wines in oak casks, barrels and in bottles for specific periods of time, depending on each type of wine and our Family style.


Significant renovations have been made over the years to rebuild and restructure the cellars, including a new fermentation cellar with a racking by gravity area and a new barrel ageing room 12 meters underneath the existing building and the Roman walls, always keeping the pre-existing architectural style, in order to preserve an atmosphere that is rich with charm and history.

Photo Gallery - Pio Cesare