Our Wines

For us, being traditional means remaining faithful to the style our wines have always shown throughout the years of our history, harvest after harvest.

This includes:

Restraining yields in the vineyards, respecting each single vine’s physiology, severe green harvesting, cutting the wings and the bottom part of the clusters before the harvest, looking for quality instead of quantity.

No seasonal workers in the vineyards. We prefer to have the same people throughout the entire vegetative cycle, from the pruning to the harvest, because they profoundly understand the needs and requirements of each of our vines.

Our interventions in the vineyards are minimal and we can proudly certify that all our wines contain no residual chemicals.

Our belief that it is always possible to produce a great wine even in the most challenging vintages. We will always find small quantities of high quality grapes, which allow us to produce great, refined wines every year.

Our obsessive selection of grapes cluster by cluster, berry by berry—even in spite of financial results.


The name and the credibility of our Family and wines always come first!