Our Family has always guaranteed, as it does today, the continuity of style and quality in Pio Cesare wines.

Although our Family is personally and directly involved in each step of the production process and in the distribution of our wines, we depend on the esteemed professionalism of our staff:

Pio Cesare - La famiglia



In the vineyards:

the agronomist Claudio Pirra, along with Dario Mulattieri and their team.


In the cellars:

Paolo Fenocchio, enologist and head winemaker since the 1981 harvest, with enologists Beppe Natta and Marco Artusio, who continue to interpret the style of the Family.


In the bottling and shipping departments:

Ivano Fabbretto, Vincenzo Coniglio, Luca Cravanzola and Carlos Vallejos.

In the administrative office:

Chiara Rolfo, Rosella Tranchero, Marinella Rosani, Monica Viarisio, Cesare Alessandria and Alberto Pecorara.

In sales:

Franco Alesso, Fabio Bosio and Davide Abram help the Family in promoting and selling our wines in Italy and around the world.